Web Design

Your business needs an online presence. Over one half of the homes in America now have high speed internet access, with more being added every day. The internet is here to stay. I am here to help small business owners make the leap into cyber space with as little pain as possible. Getting your page created, set up, establishing company e-mail, training and support are all part of what I do for you.


Photography is one of those special gifts we've been given. The ability to freeze a moment in time of something or someone special can affect us in a way that very few other things can. Be it an old family photo of a departed loved one, a picture of your newborn child resting on a soft blanket, or even a snapshot of your teen ready at home plate, pictures help us to remind us of who we are and what is important our lives.


Whether its a wedding journal, or perhaps a birthday party toast of "through the years" photos, a themed collection of shots such as scouting or sports, or maybe even a business advertising campaign, slideshows can move you without a spoken word. Their power is undeniable. Slideshows play more and more of a role in our lives every day. Technology has brought us the wonderful ability to marry our photos with a moving soundtrack and allows us to tell a story through those elements. Please allow me to help you tell yours!

If you are looking for help getting yourself or your business online, or if you would like to get some great photos and preserve some memories, you have come to the right place!